Global Goals Campaign

The Global Goals apply to everyone, and the advances already made show that it's possible.

The exhibition on the SDGs is part of UNA Sweden’s work to spread knowledge about the goals and to get everyone to act to ensure that we meet them by 2030.

Tinyglobe was part of the concept development and produced the copy for the exhibition.

UN Day at Central Station

To draw attention to the UN Day, Tinyglobe has helped the UN family in Sweden arrange several events at Stockholm Central Station.

Protecting Children’s Rights

How do you get the management of global companies to prioritize compliance with children's rights? You get them to adopt the child's perspective.

When Unicef Sweden wanted to secure children’s rights in Swedish companies’ global operations, they asked Tinyglobe to develop an effective way to make top management understand the need for compliance. The result was a series of somewhat unusual communication tools with the child’s rights at the center.

In ‘The Card Game,’ your mission is to protect children by finding the best actions for companies to promote children’s rights.

The Power of Girls

When girls and young women are strengthened, they can create a better future for both themselves and their societies.

The project “Girl”, which is run by UNA Sweden in collaboration with the United Nations Population Fund, UNFPA, aims to stop child marriage and female genital mutilation and thereby ensure the respect for human rights.

Tinyglobe developed the concept, produced all content, and was a photo editor for a traveling exhibition highlighting the project. The goal was also to create knowledge and support for securing girls’ rights.

Here’s the Good News

There's progress in the world, and this is worth highlighting. With the magazine 'The World's Best News,' the UN family in Sweden wanted to show the good news.

The magazine ‘The World’s Best News’ was created to highlight positive global development trends in a news world that is otherwise often focused on crises and global challenges. The aim was to instill hope that change is possible – if we work together.

Tinyglobe was part of the editorial team and was also present on several occasions when the magazine was distributed at events on UN Day.

The first UN E-book

In 2014, before the annual Book fair in Gothenburg, Tinyglobe helped launch the first UN e-book.

To complement the release of a new update, Tinyglobe pitched the proposal to turn UNDP’s successful book ‘Blir världen bättre?’ into an e-book. Said and done. At the book fair in Gothenburg, it was displayed on a standing table in the UN family’s stand.

Huduma Means Services

In 2012, Tinyglobe documented an innovative project to help inhabitants of Africa's most extensive slum area report missed community service.

Philip Thigo grew up in Kibera, the largest slum in Nairobi. After studying at Princeton and working abroad, he decided to move back to Kenya and use his skills in mobile technology to promote democracy, civil participation, and political accountability.

Together with a brilliant team of developers and democracy and people’s rights advocates, he developed a platform for reporting missed community services.

They named it ‘Huduma,’ which means Services in Swahili.

Talking About Sexual Rights

To encourage a frank discussion on sexual rights as human rights, Tinyglobe co-wrote this critical brochure.

When sexual rights are respected, individuals are empowered to make choices that can affect and improve their lives and societies.

This is why sexual rights are human rights and essential from a development perspective. There’s a clear link between poverty and unmet sexual and reproductive rights.

To highlight this, Tinyglobe helped produce and write a brochure on the subject of sexual rights ahead of the HIV and AIDS conference in Vienna in 2010.