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A story of opposites: compassion and code.


Social change can be fueled by anger, but we need kindness and compassion to make it last.

Our story begins with a group of visionary people from various places in this world. By chance or fate, we happened to cross each other’s trails and gravitate to one another. If we need to label ourselves, we’d say we’re a bunch of vagabonds, rebels, human rights activists, coders, and creators. We like working together because we share the same philosophy that kindness and compassion are all we really need to make this world a better place.

Indignant by the fact that the world isn’t as kind, just or sustainable as it should be, we aim to highlight long-term solutions, decode systems that divide us, and bring forward narratives of positive change.

image Pay attention to each other and be kind.

Positive change isn't about miracles.
It's about everyday actions
performed with an intent to do good.

What we do: we assist all types of projects and actions for a better world.


Tinyglobe is more than a company. We’re just as much a community and a social movement driven by the need for global change. We believe in a world that works for everyone – not just for a few. Our way of contributing is by doing what we’re passionate about; spreading kindness, engaging in human rights, developing humane technologies, and cultivating social entrepreneurship.

In short, our strategy is to combine our skills in communication and digital innovation to help strengthen all kinds of initiatives for a more humane, sustainable, and equal world.

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Why we do it: To us it’s obvious - we're in this together!

image The world needs no walls. Polarization leads us nowhere!

Togetherness isn’t just a nice word. It’s a precondition for human survival. As humans, we’re wired to care about each other and to find ways to cooperate. Yet we see it today, and we’ve seen it before – populists and cynics who try to enrich themselves and gain power by getting people to believe they cannot coexist.

We’re not going to stand passive! We want to be part of the incredibly important counterforce that exists in our societies. We want to help strengthen all those who stand up for an open, equal society and who might even risk their lives in doing so.

You might have heard the saying; Some people watch things happen. Some people make things happen. And some people say, “what happened?”.

Our goal is to be part of those who make things happen!

Nothing is impossible
when you're surrounded by
positive uplifting people.

We'd love to do this together!


Let’s connect on social media, or why not drop us a line if you have a project you’d like to discuss.

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